Metanoia follows four people’s participation in a YouTube interview series prompting them to contemplate their achievements, regrets, and fears about the future. Through abstract physical explorations Metanoia examines what we can and cannot control, and the obstructions that prevent us from changing. An intertwining of real and staged interviews that investigate the conscious of Millennials and their views on careers and life choices. On camera they have a mask of confidence, but when the camera stops rolling, they find themselves unravelling, on a journey of self-reflection. The question posed, “how do millennials think about change?” These are the results.

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2018 Production Members:

Sukaina's Headshot 1

Sukaina Ibraheem – Creator, Performer


Michelle's Headshot 1

Michelle Paunov – Creator, Performer, Videographer


Madi's Headshot 2

Madison Robinson – Creator, Performer, Production Manager


Troy's Headshot 2.jpg

Troy Sarju – Creator, Performer, Sound Designer



Madeleine Monteleone – Stage Manager


Keira Johnston

Keira Johnston – Assistant Stage Manager


Version 2

Tiana Kralji – Set & Costume Designer


Eliott- B_W.jpg

Elliot Donovan – Lighting & Media Designer


Cilaine's Headshot 1 (1).jpg

Cilaine Maurin – Assistant Sound Designer