Coming this March!

The Devised Theatre Festival is an annual festival comprised of companies within the Devised Theatre program at York University! Every year, the fourth year companies come together to create organic and original material to showcase all that they have discovered as artists in the years leading up. 

 The 2019 Devised Theatre Festival works to promote and create, exploring the theme of “connection”.  This concept is investigated through the content and development of the shows created by the participating companies: Atomic Oddity Productions, Catapulse Collective, Four Eyes Collective, and Transcendence Theatre. The festival works tirelessly through creative development, audience outreach, and the festival as a whole to create a welcoming space for artists and audiences to connect to not only the shows, but the Devised Theatre program. 

The pieces we have created are important to us, and we hope they will impact those who view them as well. We all have something to say and this is our chance to say it. We are so excited to showcase our hard work at the festival this year, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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