Triptych Theatre Collective

Triptych Theatre Collective is dedicated to creating new Canadian work that explores the life-long process of growing up and plays with ideas that distort and broaden the limits of reality that we think to be true.


Jacob Hope-Creator

Jacob is a 4th year Devised Theatre student at York University with interests in directing and devising. Some of his recent projects include writer/director of Post-Pracki (2019 playGround festival), assistant director for Iphigenia 2.0 by Charles Mee (directed by Mandy Roveda and Philip Geller), and acting as Micah in Save Room for Dessert (season 2). Jacob enjoys creating theatre in conjunction with music and hopes to continue working on festivals in the future.

Jayna Mees- Creator/Head of Marketing & Publicity

Jayna Mees is an emerging artist/scholar currently completing her BA in Theatre: Performance Creation and Research where she is specializing in Playwriting and Devised Theatre. Though she is still in the process of developing her research focus, her current interests include: critical engagements with participatory structures in immersive/site-specific performance. Some recent credits include: production manager (The Flashback Festival at York University), producer/marketing officer for rochdale by David Yee (directed by Nina Lee Aquino at the 2019 SummerWorks Performance Festival), and assistant director for Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie McDonald (directed by Jennifer Tarver at York University).


Jade Silman- Creator

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Jade is pumped to be finishing her degree with such a wonderful bunch of creators! In addition to Devised Theatre, Jade has also spent her time at York specializing in Dramaturgy. Over the years, she has been involved as a creator, performer, playwright, dramaturg, arts administrator, and choreographer for various projects at York and around Toronto. Jade is currently the co-Artistic Director of Theatre @ York’s student run theatre festival, the playGround Festival that ran from February 11-14. She is incredibly grateful for the Triptych Theatre Collective team and hopes that their work can feed your minds and warm your hearts. Special thanks to Gerry & Lucia Silman, and Kana Yanagibashi.

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