The Vector Regime

The Vector Regime is a Toronto-based company that is committed to creating new and inspiring work through movement and physical theatre. Our goal is to devise work that challenges and explores stereotypes, and addresses social issues through empowering young individuals. We offer new perspectives on what it really means to be a sentient in a world that has lost its humanity.


Eve Blondeau-Creator

Raised in Sudbury Ontario, Eve has always loved theatre. From taking acting classes at a young age, she has gone on to receive a degree in acting. She is currently working on her second one, specializing in Devised Theatre. Eve loves using physical theatre and her body to explore and critique society. Some of her past work includes a movement piece titled “dead name” which explored the fear of being a trans woman in a society that hyper-sexualizes them, but kills them for being sexual. She hopes to continue to build all types of theatre, and hopes to change the world one audience member at a time.


Taryn Waldorf- Creator/YesMasterT3000

Taryn is finishing up her final year at York and believes this is the perfect culmination of an exceptional 4 years. Over her university career you may have seen her in Little Women (VCP), Shrek the Musical (VCP), Penelopiad (VCP), What You Egg (Ground Zero Fringe), and Corner Cabaret (DT). Recently Taryn has made her directing debut by assistant directing Six Characters in Search of an Author (VCP) and will be continuing this trend by directing Lost Sweater at Orlando Fringe Festival in May. She would like to thank everyone who’s given her a platform to perform and her family for constantly supporting her dreams.


Innokenty Sviridov- Creator

Innokenty Sviridov (Иннокентий Свиридов) is a Russian/Canadian/American actor. Born in San Antonio, Texas, USA, Innokenty always wanted to become an actor, and dreamed of showing himself onstage and in front of the camera. He describes himself as a comedic actor, specializing in characterization, improvisation, and impressions, with the long term goal of developing into a serious dramatic artist. Innokenty always embodies and commits to every role he is given, no matter the limit.


Tasha Richards- Creator

Tasha is a Toronto based actor and physical theatre fanatic. She is currently working on her first degree in Devised Theatre at York and wants to continue cultivating her physical solo performance “ Hi Deaf”, about her struggles as a hard of hearing individual. You may have seen her walking the halls or at Starbucks, but don’t be fooled! It might have been her twin sister! The trick? Tasha doesn’t wear glasses. Or maybe, she really is in two places at once. Tasha is a self-proclaimed pasta lover and 4th year DT’s own sub sandwich cart. She hopes to continue her work by exploring physical theatre and method acting. She is excited to be working with such a talented group of devisers and hopes to teach children about theatre in the future, so they too can fall in love with the craft.

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