Escape With Us!

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 The Devised Theatre Festival returns to York University this March 10th-14th with a lineup of companies debuting original productions! 


The festival is the culminating project for 4th year Devised Theatre students, in collaboration with select individuals specializing in other areas of Theatre, or AMPD. It is space to create, explore, and develop new, innovative shows in non-traditional ways

This year’s festival premieres three captivating new productions, that respond to the theme of:  escapism in the age of the experience culture, wherein we ask questions around how we try to escape, why we might feel the need to escape, and why this desire to escape may be problematic. 


What is Devised Theatre at York?

The Devised Theatre program at York teaches and coaches its students to create their own theatre from the ground up. In the first and second years in the program they are introduced and given the opportunity to explore multiple disciplines and types of theatre making. In the third and final year they are tasked with developing a festival and creating their own companies and shows with all of the skills and interests they have acquired. This year three new companies will emerge from the program: Triptych Theatre Collective, The Vector Regime, and Mind Yo’ Business Productions.

The 2020 Devised Theatre Festival works to promote and create, exploring the theme of “escapism in the age of experience culture.”  This concept is investigated through the content and development of the shows created by the participating companies. The festival works tirelessly through creative development, audience outreach, and the festival as a whole to create a welcoming space for artists and audiences to connect to not only the shows, but the Devised Theatre program. 

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