Past Devised Theatre Festivals


Escapism in the Age of Experience Culture

This year, the festival premiers 3 captivating new productions that respond to the theme of “Escapism in the age of Experience Culture,” wherein we ask questions around how we try to escape in a society where experiences are bought, sold, and facilitated, why we might feel the need to escape, and why this desire to escape may be problematic. 

FESTIVAL– March 10th-14th, 2020

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Meet our Production Manager!

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Olivia Zotti is a Toronto based creator, performer and first time production manager. She has a passion and interest in exploring feminism, gender roles, culture, and the intersections between them in her work. She’d like to give special thanks to her parents and her partner Luke for their continuous love and support. She’d also like to thank Christina Cicko for helping throughout the challenging journey of being a first time PM.

Goodnight, Sunny


Goodnight, Sunny is a magic realism piece about two siblings, Jonathan and Jamie, and their imaginary friend, Sunny. Together they have one last adventure through fantastical worlds to say goodbye to their playroom and the best parts of childhood.

Triptych Theatre Collective

Triptych Theatre Collective is dedicated to creating new Canadian work that explores the life-long process of growing up and plays with ideas that distort and broaden the limits of reality that we think to be true.

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Five is an intermedial physical theatre piece that explores the parallels between reality and the virtual world. Four young women are trapped inside a video game where their race, gender, bodies and minds are used against them. Will they escape?

Mind Yo' Business Productions


We’re loud, we’re proud, and we will be heard! We give light to the voices of those who are consistently overlooked. Our theatre company is composed of a diverse group of women with unique stories and perspectives. We are dedicated to creating a dialogue between different communities and safe spaces for all ideas to be heard. We recognize the marginalized. 

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Auto-nomy is a seductive physical theatre piece about companion bots who gain sentience. This freedom forces them to face the power structures that oppress them. Through movement and a dark aesthetic we ask, what would you sacrifice for your freedom? 

The Vector Regime


The Vector Regime is a Toronto-based company that is committed to creating new and inspiring work through movement and physical theatre. Our goal is to devise work that challenges and explores stereotypes, and addresses social issues through empowering young individuals. We offer new perspectives on what it really means to be a sentient in a world that has lost its humanity.


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Festival Schedule

Tuesday, March 10th: Auto-nomy and Five, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Wednesday, March 11th: Five and Goodnight, Sunny, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Thursday, March 12th: Goodnight, Sunny and Auto-nomy, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Friday, March 13th: Auto-nomy, Five, and Goodnight, Sunny, 3:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday, March 14th: Auto-nomy, Five, and Goodnight, Sunny, 3:00pm-7:00pm



Beth Ransom is a Toronto born artist currently pursuing a BFA in Performance Creation focusing on Devised Theatre and Playwriting.  Some recent credits include Assistant Director of Theatre@York’s Unmounted showing of carried away on the crest of a wave directed by Lindsay Bell and Margaret Muriel Legere (2017), Stage Manager for The Lighthouse Troupe’s Site Specific and Immersive piece The 6th Degree (2018), and Stage Manager for the improv troupe Yes Trespassing (2018-present).  She is also the recipient of the 2015 Arts & Letter’s Club New Play Award for her piece Rollercoasters. Beth is excited to be the Production Manager for the 2019 Devised Theatre Festival and is humbled for the opportunity to work alongside her talented cohorts as they work to create the festival. She would like to thank her friends and family for their ongoing support and offerings of food, all of which she would not be able to survive without.

After George

You are invited to the 50th anniversary of Clifton Heights Secondary School! Clifton Capybaras old and new are encouraged to come back and reminisce on their high school experience. Walking down Clifton’s once-forgotten halls, you may soon discover that the past can be haunting, and something as small as an event invitation can change the lives of friends and complete strangers. Through audience immersion, physical theatre and immersive scents, the lives of five former students will be laid bare as we witness their varying perspectives on grief, their desires for community and isolation, and how a high school anniversary could reconnect them in ways they never imagined. RSVP to the mysterious drama of After George.

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Atomic Oddity Productions

Atomic Oddity Productions is an emerging Toronto-based theatre collective, using various mediums to create and explore theatre that addresses human connection in specific environments. The word “alluvium” is something that resonates with the group, with the origin coming from sedimentary matter deposited into valleys of large rivers. To the company, it means taking something from somewhere and depositing and transforming it into something else. This connects to the process of river work; a technique that generates movement from improvisational discovery. Through tools like physicality, multi-media, and story-telling, Atomic Oddity’s goal is to create new work that is simultaneously uplifting and grounding, and inspiring those who participate in their performances (be they audience, production, or performer) on a deep and intimate level.

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Refraction is a supernatural thriller that follows a young woman who is packing up her life and in the process is confronted by the shadows of her past. It’s a fantastical story told through physical movements, live music, and powerful visual effects intended to make audiences rethink their reality.

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Catapulse Collective is a devised theatre company dedicated to creating theatrical works through movement and physicality, drawing inspiration from eclectic, diverse, and unconventional sources. We strive to create genre-defying work where form and content develop organically and simultaneously through our devising process.

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dead skin

dead skin is a physical theatre show that is dark, grotesque, and thrilling. Join us in a world of otherness that embraces the beauty of ugly. From alien-like to alienated, you are encouraged to investigate and uncover your own darkness within. Through a physical language that is harsh, jagged, and ultimately captivating, audiences will wonder: where have these creatures come from? How did they get here? Where are they going?

Four Eyes Collective is a Toronto based company committed to creating spect-OCULAR experiences through the lens of raw, physical theatre. We offer new and changing perspectives by working together to devise cutting edge encounters for our audiences. Just wait til you see this!

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Founded by a group of friends who want to foster and encourage conversations which challenge contemporary societal norms through the means of performance art. #Filters immerses audiences in the world of social media and beyond, and works to explore the ways in which modern communication and interactions are impacted and shifted due to its social media’s prevalence in society. We want our viewers to critically examine the content we produce, and in turn, we aim to create a discourse that challenges hegemonic norms of social networking behaviours, and encourages audiences to reflect on how they communicate and connect on a day to day basis.

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Transcendence Theatre is a Toronto based company that aims to create performance art through collaboration and collectivity. Our goal is to devise work that is honest, unbiased, interpersonal and relatable across all demographics. The subject matter we explore deals with deconstructing issues relevant to contemporary North American society.

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Festival Schedule


Series A

dead skin – Four Eyes Collective

 #Filters – Transcendence Theatre

Invited Dress/Preview –

Monday, March 11 @ 7:30 pm

Show Week – 

Wednesday, March 13 @ 7:30 pm

Friday, March 15 @ 4:00 pm

Saturday, March 16 @ 7:30 pm

Festival Schedule

Series B

Refraction – Catapulse Collective

After George – Atomic Oddity

Invited Dress/Preview –

Tuesday, March 12 @ 7:30 pm

Show Week – 

Thursday, March 14 @ 7:30 pm

Friday, March 15 @ 8:00 pm

Saturday, March 16 @ 3:00 pm



Through physical storytelling, Peeled explores the painful yet liberating path of accepting loss. New members of a grief meeting reconcile with the changes in their lives. Journey with them to trace their roots, accept their present, and reclaim their future.


Metanoia follows four people’s participation in a YouTube interview series prompting them to contemplate their achievements, regrets, and fears about the future. Through abstract physical explorations Metanoia examines what we can and cannot control, and the obstructions that prevent us from changing. An intertwining of real and staged interviews that investigate the conscious of Millennials and their views on careers and life choices. On camera they have a mask of confidence, but when the camera stops rolling, they find themselves unravelling, on a journey of self-reflection. The question posed, “how do millennials think about change?” These are the results.


It is 2026. Five explorers aboard the Evren are sent out to discover what lies within a black hole. 70 years of secrecy later, the NARSA Space Agency will now release the findings of the Evren mission to the general public. Through physical theatre, E V R E N displays the tensions that arise in extreme conditions of deprivation, isolation, and the way relationships deteriorate. As seen in the logs recorded by the crew, audiences will witness the ephemeral movement of time and space and the lengths at which these explorers will go to discover what it takes to conquer frontiers, instead of each other.

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The Millennial generation goes by many names: Echo Boomers, Peter Pan, and now- after the millennial star of the show – Jennaration Y. A comedic cabaret that tackles the issues surrounding being a Millennial woman today using sketches, musical parodies, stand-up & improv. Jenna MacNeil will carry you and her parents’ disappointment through her life of dating struggles, school anxieties, collapsing industries, and future aspirations. Jennaration Y reminds Millennials there’s a common struggle we share that doesn’t define us as individuals and reminds previous generations they too were once in our position, provoking dialogue about how we view one another.

NonCents theatre company acknowledges we won’t be making money any time soon but hopes you will get a kick of this nonsense comedy tirade. We focus on serious topics presented in non-serious ways.


REM explores a woman’s series of nightmares. Repressed memories manifests in a monstrous entity that appear in the woman’s dreams. REM addresses themes of abuse, neglect and reconciliation, contains mature content and close audience proximity in a non-traditional configuration.

SomatiKs emphasizes the use of physical movement to provide an intimate experience for audience members. The company believes in inclusiveness, discipline, specificity and the exploration of each member’s full potential.


CAST! The Musical follows the build and fall of the relationship between two unlikely characters. Genevive and Conrad discover what they have, what they want and what is truly important as they compete for the big end of the year musical at their school.

Pretendtious Theatre explores contemporary themes and relationships through the use of music, comedy, and dance. They shed light on difficult topics using a light hearted approach with which audiences can identify.


Come one, come all to witness a circus filled with thriving and successful spectacles and a range of hypnotizing artists. It is one of the world’s most renowned circuses, until a catastrophic fire puts the circus and its patrons in flames. Inverted Spotlight interactively follows the lives and personal struggles of circus workers unveiling isolation through the backstage lens of loneliness within themselves and society. An intricate tale in a non-linear order encourages a perceptional take on piecing together five unique narratives co-existing under one big top.

typo theatr is invested in the creation and devising of new and interactive theatre. They are committed to creating an individualized experience for each audience member.