Jennaration Y

About the Show – Jennaration Y

The Millennial generation goes by many names: Echo Boomers, Peter Pan, and now- after the millennial star of the show – Jennaration Y. A comedic cabaret that tackles the issues surrounding being a Millennial woman today using sketches, musical parodies, stand-up & improve. Jenna MacNeil will carry you and her parents’ disappointment through her life of dating struggles, school anxieties, collapsing industries, and future aspirations. Jennaration Y reminds Millennials there’s a common struggle we share that doesn’t define us as individuals and reminds previous generations they too were once in our position, provoking dialogue about how we view one another.


Cast & Creative:

Joseph Burdi                                          Co-Director, Dramaturg, and Sound Design

Shannon Farrell                                    Performer, Sound Design, and Stage Manager

Raechel E. Kula                                      Lighting, Video, and Projection Design

Jenna MacNeil                                        Co-Director, Performer, Playwright, and Sound Design

Adam MacWha                                       Set Design

Theresa Ohanian                                   MFA Mentor

Further Development – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Presented by YUFFA Fringe

Jennaration Y will be continuing its development and production following the Devised Theatre Festival in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this coming summer.