Inverted Spotlight

About the Show – Inverted Spotlight

Come one, come all to witness a circus filled with thriving and successful spectacles and a range of hypnotizing artists. It is one of the world’s most renowned circuses, until a catastrophic fire puts the circus and its patrons in flames. Inverted Spotlight interactively follows the lives and personal struggles of circus workers unveiling isolation through the backstage lens of loneliness within themselves and society. An intricate tale in a non-linear order encourages a perceptional take on piecing together five unique narratives co-existing under one big top.


Cast & Creative:

Caylea Adair                                         Board Operator

Ryan Boulet                                          Deviser, Improv Coach, and Performer

Adam Bromley                                    Sound Design

Nathan Bruce                                      Assistant Stage Manager

Victoria Carella                                   Assistant Stage Manager

Sofia Demidova                                   Deviser, Choreographer, and Performer

Hazel Forbes                                        Assistant Stage Manager

Madeleine Isu                                     Assistant Stage Manager

Scarlett Larry                                       Lighting Design

Adam MacWha                                    Technical Director and Stage Carpentry

Tom Middleton                                    Assistant Stage Manager

Madeleine Monteleone                     Stage Manager

Katya Norton                                        Board Operator

Yasaman Nouri                                    Deviser, Set Design, Performer

Melanie Petriw                                     Deviser, Costume Design, Performer

Andrew Ritchie                                    MFA Mentor

Rowena Tam                                         Deviser, Performer