Past Seasons

2018 Season

Introducing our 3 productions for the 2018 Devised Theatre Festival in this sneak peak video of their development in rehearsals!

 For details, pictures, and updates, check out our production pages for Peeled , Metanoiaand EVREN.


2017 Season

CAST!: The Musical
Pretendtious Theatre

Music, choreography, and character defines the premise for Pretendtious theatre’s work. Exploring relate-able themes such as student life, thespian life, expectations and disappointment. Prepare for a not-so-broadway broadway experience!”


SomatiKs uses physical theatre to create a powerful immersive experience. REM explores a women’s series of nightmares that she experiences throughout the night, at the hands of a monstrous entity.

Jennaration Y
Non-Cents Theatre

Jennaration Y is a comedic cabaret about issues surrounding millennial women today. Using sketches and musical parodies, Jenna carries you and her parents’ disappointment through her life of dating struggles, anxieties, and aspirations, provoking conversations between Millennials & previous generations.

Inverted Spotlight
typo theatr

Inverted Spotlight explores loneliness, it’s different manifestations and society’s discomfort with being lonely.  Through interactive theatre, witness the contrast between spectacle and intimate realities backstage.  Follow separate characters’ storylines and live through their personal struggles.