Devised Theatre Festival


Transcendence Theatre is a Toronto based company that aims to create performance art through collaboration and collectivity. Our goal is to devise work that is honest, unbiased, interpersonal and relatable across all demographics. The subject matter we explore deals with deconstructing issues relevant to contemporary North American society.

Madalena Brancatella

Madalena is a member for the Devised theatre company Transcendence Theatre. Her interests include acting, singing, writing and creating. Her role in Transcendence Theatre is Production Manager and Performer. Madalena’s goal through Transcendence Theatre is to bring comedy and drama together to bring an original view on what it’s like to live in 2018. Her passion for performance allows her to explore performance art through a collection of genres, themes and more.

Olivia Fisico

Olivia is a fourth year devised theatre student. She is a choreographer, director, performer and visual artist. She is passionate about making art that deconstructs societal norms. In her spare time, she likes to get jacked at Tait McKenzie, cook questionably spicy foods and feed them to Anton, and shake it to soca. Olivia is looking forward to presenting #Filters alongside Transcendence in hopes that she can encourage audiences to look critically at the role of technology in contemporary life.

Anton Mikhalev

Anton is a Russian born artist and professional wrestler currently in his fifth year of study at York University pursuing a BFA focusing on Devised Theater. Some of his notable works include performing in You've Got To Be Kidney Me (2016), You're in for a good time (2017 - 2018) and touring with Superkick'd Pro Wrestling (2014 - Present). Anton is excited to be working alongside his fellow members of Transcendence Theater and being given the opportunity to co-create a piece that explores the ideas of connection between social media and reality.

Cassandra Troiano

Cassandra is a fourth year devised theatre Yorkie student. She is a performer, photographer, playwright and director. On her spare time, she likes to enhance these skills, as well as enjoys playing video games, eating all the pasta she can find and building an empire in her very own startup health and wellness business. Cassandra is excited to work with Transcendence Theatre and perform Filters alongside amazing artists.

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