Inverted Spotlight


Inverted Spotlight’s Prop Making Process

Prop making is in full swing for Inverted Spotlight! typo theatr is dedicated to creating a sustainable show and all of the props made today were from recycled and found paper. Take a look at the exciting process below!

Rowena Tam aging handmade envelopes by staining them with tea.
Melanie Petriw drawing a world map.
All hands on deck for the world map!
That’s it for the map today. Next step in the process is to dry overnight.

A New Arrival?

typo theatr has a new arrival! Ribbons have been introduced as a new act in Inverted SpotlightYasaman Nouri and Sofia Demidova warm up and prepare for choreography.


Inverted Spotlight’s Set Design

Inverted Spotlight‘s set design is unique, transforming a single studio into seven performing spaces. Designed by Yasaman Nouri, the set of Inverted Spotlight is intended to be made from 95%+ recycled material as a step towards practicing sustainable theatre.

Adam MacWha, Technical Director for both typo theatr and Non-Cents Theatre, is working double duty bringing the design of the show to life.