Through physical storytelling, Peeled explores the painful yet liberating path of accepting loss. New members of a grief meeting come to terms with the changes in their lives: A woman trapped in an I Love Lucy dream-world, a child bargaining against her ascent into adulthood, a man sinking into isolation, and the grief counselor still haunted by her family history. Explore the innermost thoughts that can no longer be buried and see how pain brings them together. Peel back the curtain on their despair and journey with them to trace their roots, accept their present, and reclaim their future.

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2018 Production Members:

Miranda's Headshot 1.jpg

Miranda Campos – Creator, Performer


Genevieve's Headshot 2.jpg

Geneviève Canavan – Creator, Performer, Production Manager


Colin's Headshot.jpg

Colin P. – Creator, Performer, Sound Designer


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Simran Sohal – Creator, Performer



Cara Baum – Stage Manager



Luc Gayle – Stage Manager



Michael Reynolds – Assistant Stage Manager



Céleste LaCroix – Assistant Stage Manager



Chelsea Driver – Set Designer



Judie Plaza – Costume Designer



Andra Legault – Lighting & Media Designer


Raechel's Headshot 3.jpg

Raechel E. Kula – Initial Concept Development