Devised Theatre Festival

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Through physical storytelling, Peeled explores the painful yet liberating path of accepting loss. New members of a grief meeting reconcile with the changes in their lives. Journey with them to trace their roots, accept their present, and reclaim their future.


Metanoia follows four people’s participation in a YouTube interview series prompting them to contemplate their achievements, regrets, and fears about the future. Through abstract physical explorations Metanoia examines what we can and cannot control, and the obstructions that prevent us from changing. An intertwining of real and staged interviews that investigate the conscious of Millennials and their views on careers and life choices. On camera they have a mask of confidence, but when the camera stops rolling, they find themselves unravelling, on a journey of self-reflection. The question posed, “how do millennials think about change?” These are the results.


It is 2026. Five explorers aboard the Evren are sent out to discover what lies within a black hole. 70 years of secrecy later, the NARSA Space Agency will now release the findings of the Evren mission to the general public. Through physical theatre, E V R E N displays the tensions that arise in extreme conditions of deprivation, isolation, and the way relationships deteriorate. As seen in the logs recorded by the crew, audiences will witness the ephemeral movement of time and space and the lengths at which these explorers will go to discover what it takes to conquer frontiers, instead of each other.

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The Millennial generation goes by many names: Echo Boomers, Peter Pan, and now- after the millennial star of the show – Jennaration Y. A comedic cabaret that tackles the issues surrounding being a Millennial woman today using sketches, musical parodies, stand-up & improv. Jenna MacNeil will carry you and her parents’ disappointment through her life of dating struggles, school anxieties, collapsing industries, and future aspirations. Jennaration Y reminds Millennials there’s a common struggle we share that doesn’t define us as individuals and reminds previous generations they too were once in our position, provoking dialogue about how we view one another.

NonCents theatre company acknowledges we won’t be making money any time soon but hopes you will get a kick of this nonsense comedy tirade. We focus on serious topics presented in non-serious ways.


REM explores a woman’s series of nightmares. Repressed memories manifests in a monstrous entity that appear in the woman’s dreams. REM addresses themes of abuse, neglect and reconciliation, contains mature content and close audience proximity in a non-traditional configuration.

SomatiKs emphasizes the use of physical movement to provide an intimate experience for audience members. The company believes in inclusiveness, discipline, specificity and the exploration of each member’s full potential.


CAST! The Musical follows the build and fall of the relationship between two unlikely characters. Genevive and Conrad discover what they have, what they want and what is truly important as they compete for the big end of the year musical at their school.

Pretendtious Theatre explores contemporary themes and relationships through the use of music, comedy, and dance. They shed light on difficult topics using a light hearted approach with which audiences can identify.


Come one, come all to witness a circus filled with thriving and successful spectacles and a range of hypnotizing artists. It is one of the world’s most renowned circuses, until a catastrophic fire puts the circus and its patrons in flames. Inverted Spotlight interactively follows the lives and personal struggles of circus workers unveiling isolation through the backstage lens of loneliness within themselves and society. An intricate tale in a non-linear order encourages a perceptional take on piecing together five unique narratives co-existing under one big top.

typo theatr is invested in the creation and devising of new and interactive theatre. They are committed to creating an individualized experience for each audience member.