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2017 Devised Theatre Festival

This season the Devised Theatre Festival aims to celebrate artistic individuality.

Every student from the Devised Theatre meta company has been working toward this moment for the past four years. It is with their creative ingenuity and dedication that this festival is possible.

Each company member is vital to the theatre pieces created and the festival as a whole, and because of this, the Festival recognizes each member for their growing artistry. This inventiveness propelled the class into creating four unique works of arts that the Festival will be highlighting.

The four original theatre pieces include a musical expressing thespian life; an immersive physical theatre piece that enters the realm of night terrors; a comedic cabaret focusing on millennial issues; and an interactive circus show that explores spectacle and loneliness.

Nested within the Performance Creation & Research (PCR) program in York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design is a series of classes called Devised Theatre (DT), which offers students an intensive curriculum in devising and performing original theatre pieces. This interdisciplinary sequence is overseen and taught by faculty from all three areas of the department: Acting, Production and Performance Creation and Research (PCR).

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Kait Gallant (Production Manager)
Shannon Farrell (Production Manager)